Our Treatments, Procedures and Services

EdgeWater EyeCare offers so much more than just comprehensive eye exams!

Our Treatments, Procedures, and Services:
Our doctors can evaluate, treat and advise patients on numerous issues such as but not limited to:

• dryness
• allergies
• cataracts
• glaucoma
• retinal detachment
• all forms of conjunctivitis (“pink eye”)
• foreign body removal
• pre-op assessment and post-op care for LASIK/PRK
• contact lens fittings
• diabetic exams

Whatever your eyecare needs may be, we can help and in some cases we can even help you without you having to leave the comfort of your home!

EdgeWater EyeCare now offers online office visits* for less urgent issues like dry eyes or allergies. Simply visit the Telemedicine section of our website to schedule an online appointment with one of our doctors. You’ll also find the convenient option of completing online refractions* to obtain your glasses prescription!

Maybe you’ve already completed a recent exam elsewhere and need to purchase contact lenses? We have a variety of contacts on site available for purchase. If we don’t have your brand readily available we can place an order for you and typically have them ready for you in a few days. All you need to do is provide a physical copy of your valid contact lens prescription and we’ll handle the rest. If you are unable to come in to order, you can just as easily order from our website!

*Online office visits may not catch all ocular/health problems. It is always recommended to see a doctor in person as soon as possible for further evaluation and treatment. Insurance is currently not accepted for this service.

*Online refractions do not replace yearly comprehensive eye exams. It is only intended for established patients of EdgeWater EyeCare between the ages of 25 and 55 with no ocular or general health related problems. Insurance is not accepted for online refractions. In the event that the online prescription does not work as desired, a full comprehensive eye exam must be complete