We are excited to announce that as of May 1st our Hampton office is merging with Eye to Eye Optical.
You can find us inside of Eye to Eye Optical Coliseum Crossing in Hampton or by phone @ 757-826-3392
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EdgeWater EyeCaRE

Testing for vision clarity is always important.But when it comes to the health of your eyes and your overall health, this is not the only important consideration. When choosing a vision insurance plan and an eye doctor, there's more than one reason to make sure a comprehensive eye exam exam is always performed and covered by your plan.

Why is it important for the health of my eyes?Vision screenings only help correct abnormal vision. Although vision tests are an important part of any comprehensive eye exam, they can overlook other important eye diseases and health conditions that often go unnoticed. An eye doctor closely examining your eyes can diagnose and treat these problems before they cause long-term vision loss or damage to your health.

How often should I be having a comprehensive exam?Once per year to make certain there are no changes in the health of your eyes over time. Don't go longer than two years without an exam. You may need to visit your eye doctor more frequently if you have a history of diabetes, other eye diseases, poor general health or are over the age of 60.